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Heather Tate-Boldt, LCSW, Executive Director and Therapist 

With years of experience in nonprofit management, and working within our community, Heather joined the CCCC as Executive Director in March 2020.  She is a licensed clinical social worker and a native Floridian.  Bilingual, she studied at the University of Colorado Boulder and at El Tecnológico de Monterrey in Nuevo León México.  As the Chief Program Officer at El Sol, Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center, she worked closely with the Spanish speaking immigrant community to establish a case management system of care.  She earned her master's degree in social work from Barry University while practicing her clinical studies at the county mental health hospital.  Currently she works part time in an inpatient residential facility helping those with chronic mental health conditions and addiction issues. 

She is active in her local faith community and a mom of three. She has worked as a consultant alongside Pastors and their teams. She has most enjoyed her experience guiding leadership groups to identify mission, create goals, and discover workable solutions within the organization.  She teaches groups how to create a safe space, find solutions, and celebrate differences for a collaborative approach to organizational management.

Heather is trained in Trauma Informed care and specializes in CBT with solution focused influences. She enjoys her work with couples, families and adolescents. She helps clients gain acceptance of oneself and others as they understand their pain when dealing with anxiety, fear, and depression.  She knows what it means to walk in faith in order to experience God's redemptive work and healing.  Whether it be a death, a loss of something meaningful, or an estrangement with a family member, she partners with those who are grieving to make sense of life's difficulties.  As the Executive Director, Heather is serving as supervisor of programs and also offering individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and families in English and Spanish. She is passionate about our mission to ensure that all are able to seek help and receive the services they need regardless of ability to pay.


Carol Lewis, LMFT

Carol Lewis is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Florida and a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Since 1986, Carol Lewis has been providing therapy to individuals, couples and families in Accredited Samaritan Institute Counseling Centers in South Florida.  In addition to her education and training as a family therapist, Carol has worked in the field of codependency and addictions, and she is well acquainted with 12-Step recovery. Her clients appreciate her warm and empathetic manner as well as her practical approach to healing and growth.

Carol Lewis works with children, adolescents and adults. Presently offering telehealth only. She also leads classes in Active Parenting and Christian Meditation. She went to M.S., Northern Illinois University and trained at Commuter Family Therapy in West Palm Beach.

Carol Lewis takes Cigna, Aetna, UHC, Meritain and UMR. 

Debra Georgia, MA

Debra Georgia, MA

Debra Georgia, MA has been providing mental health services to individuals and couples for over 45 years as a marriage and family therapist and master social worker. She has worked in various arenas of mental health including social services, the military, private practice and within a hospital setting and in both the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. Debra has experience working with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief, loss and blended family dynamics. She has worked extensively with couples by focusing on improving communication and conflict resolution skills and managing the impact of disappointment and disillusionment that is inevitable in all relationships. She has worked with couples on healing and recovery from infidelity and, if needed, the impact of separation and divorce. Her training as a marriage and family therapist is particularly helpful in managing the impact of life events that impact us all. Debra meets individuals and couples where they are at spiritually to use their faith and belief system as part of the healing and growing process. 

Debra Georgia received her master’s degree from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA in 1987. She is a past member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists at the Clinical level. Debra and her husband Bill moved to south Florida in 2015 to be close to their youngest daughter. Debra is also stepparent to Bill’s five adult children. They are blessed with 17 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Lisa Gentile Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Lisa Gentile, Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Lisa Gentile has worked with individuals and adolescents in the mental health field for over 15 years.  She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and earned her B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  She went on to earn her Master of Social Work from The University of Central Florida.  She is currently a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern and works in a residential mental health facility that specializes in individuals with co-occurring mental illness and issues of addiction.  

Lisa is a member of the National Association of Social Worker and was clinically trained in Structural Family Therapy at the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center and has knowledge of family systems and dynamics.  She is trauma informed and has extensive knowledge and personal experience dealing with loss.  She understands what it means to process a significant loss/death in someone’s life.   Her interest in yoga and meditation has recently led her to earn her certification in Yin Yoga with a trauma- informed focus.  Some of the modalities that she works with are Cognitive- behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical- Behavior therapy (DBT), Acceptance/Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Family Based Therapy.

Lisa believes in the mind-body connection and the importance of grounding practices.  She understands and teaches self-care and self-acceptance as an important part of a balanced life.  She walks in faith and understands the power of prayer.  Regardless of your faith background, Lisa will walk with you to help you understand your strengths that will allow you to find healing.  

Maryanne Mayo, LMSW, LCSW

Maryanne Mayo, LMSW, LCSW

Maryann Mayo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LMSW, LCSW) with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, New York and a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science /Psychology from Stony Brook University, New York. She has many years of experience in a variety of settings in both the private and public sector serving various populations and ages in the area of mental and physical health.  

Over the years she demonstrated her ability to function as a highly visible leader, an excellent communicator, critical thinker and a member of an executive leadership team throughout her years as Executive Director of a non-profit organization (Voices for Children). Co-Founder of a national preventive healthcare company (Health Management Resources) and Director of Employee Assistance Program for a Fortune 500 company (Cigna HealthCare). 

Maryann has been practicing as a therapist in a variety of mental health treatment settings demonstrating knowledge of individual, group, couples and family behavior and dynamics, societal trends and influence, human migrations, ethnicity, cultures and their history and origins.  She has certified knowledge of human behavior and individual differences in ability, personality and interest, learning and motivation and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has demonstrated her clinical expertise in the area of alcohol and drug addiction, depression, anxiety, problem resolution, coping skills, conflict resolution, anger management and dual diagnosis.  

Maryann has devoted her career to the service of others who need help actualizing their desire to live a healthy, productive life.  She is passionate and diligent in her quest to ensure that the quality of clinical treatment remains high while the dignity, value and respect for each client be maintained and ensured at all times.

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